"Rise and AWAKEN to your IMPOSSIBLES," said YHWH.
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Major Update

Major Update

Major Update

Draconian Blood Honor Update

We were supposed to have the game of boxes in hand on Nov 30. Actually, we were supposed to have it with us 2 weeks ago. But, the delivery has been excruciatingly slow. On the bright side, the shipment is in Atlanta. It just has not been sorted out and sent over to us.

At this point in life, we did the best we could as our first officially published game. Getting this far, until the last hiccup was and is annoying. Personally, it would be nice to get angry, scream, yell, stress out, and even curse....but at this point, it's full on acceptance. There are too many lessons that are being learned in this journey, which we are super grateful for. Now, the only thing we can do is wait for the product to arrive move forward, and continually grow and do better. Thank you, guys. My apologies, we could not get it started on time.


We are doing a giveaway and doing a 31 day inktober challenge for this month. For the 31 days, we will be drawing a prompt and at the end of the month, we will be creating a free coloring book for adults and children that you can download. The giveaway comes in where, you follow, like, and comment/tag 2 people to get a chance to win the Limited-Edition Dragon Player pieces with a Dragon Hunter in it.  You can use the player pieces on the Dragon game or Dungeon and Dragon!