"Rise and AWAKEN to your IMPOSSIBLES," said YHWH.
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Draconian Blood Honor Board game is out!!!!

Draconian Blood Honor Board game is out!!!!

It has been a long journey with multiple setbacks and even a last-minute late shipment, but the game is finally here. 

From many failures to wishing to give up or wondering how this game will even exist, it has fought against all odds and existed. Today is a wonderful day indeed. 

The biggest lesson of this journey was patience and faith. Patience to push through and faith that the YHWH will move mountains. There have been more pitfalls than I ever thought it could appear that I didn't even think of. 

We will also be adding to the giveaway prize for the 31st and putting a free copy of the game with the Draconian Blood Honor giveaway prize! Follow us on Instagram and get a chance to win it!

Anyways, today marks the first day of the appearance of the Draconian Blood Honor Board game and many future games, books, and other fun things to come!

Thank you for sticking around.