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The Beginning- Draconian Blood Honor Board Game

The Beginning- Draconian Blood Honor Board Game

The Beginning- Draconian Blood Honor Board Game

Hi guys!

I am excited to share a new game that is coming out in Yami Hikari Entertainment. I know I have been silent, but I have not forgotten about everyone. Getting things in order for the company has been very stressful and fun. Our new game Draconian Blood Honor is a board game that is coming out on September 30th of this year! You will be able to buy this game online on Amazon, Shopify, and our website.

For this project, we jumped right into it without the Kickstarter route, which was surprisingly difficult but doable.

This game surrounds itself with DRAGONS! One of my favorite fantasy creatures, especially their noble, regal, honorable, king of all kings, wise, and monstrous self that is touched in all cultures around the world.

We are expecting to 3d print this in-house and be sold separately from the game. The hunter is not included in a set, it was put there to look nice with the other dragons. (If you stare at the picture, you would find an unexpected halo around one of the dragons. I didn't expect to find one when I stared at the picture.)


These six dragon clans: Earth, Water, Wind, Dark, Light, and Fire come to compete every thousand years when the comet of Zion appears. Their strict draconian laws are paved with blood and honor as it is the utmost highest respect to be a king or Queen of all Dragon Kind. For the King or Queen is tasked to protecting all dragon races from any extraterrestrial invasions from the Hunters who aim to take their power for themselves. When the old dragon king dies, a new arises, and the fate of all dragon kind lies in the Blood Honor battle. Power lies in their strength, intelligence, and wisdom and only one is allowed to win the battle.

Draconian Blood Honor the Board game Synopsis

Become the King of all Dragons!

In Draconian Blood Honor, players take on the role of dragons from different clans, each with its own unique abilities. Battle your opponents in epic clashes, using your powers to defeat them. The last dragon standing will be crowned the King of all Dragons!

Draconian Blood Honor is a fast-paced and exciting board game for 2-4 players. It's perfect for fans of dragons, strategy games, and epic battles.


  • Fast-paced and exciting gameplay

  • Unique abilities for each clan

  • Epic clashes between dragons

  • Become the King of all Dragons!

Hope to see you guys soon!