The World Of Infinitas Infinitio


In the world of Infinitas Infinitio, there are three main cities: The City of Beginning, Middle, and End. Each handling the different aspect of life and perceive the law and order of the universe. In each major city there lives a powerful spirit: Symphonia, Resonance, and Dissonance. A powerful spirit that controls two of the sixteen elements each.  A living planet that grows with the population of the people.  Nobody fully understands why this is so, but there is a saying that the planet itself is part of the king. 

Esqui Nuntis Species

The Esqui Nuntis species are broken into two groups with completely different ideals: The Angelous and the Daemons. They are considered the first creation ever created in the universe and the oldest known species written in the Book of Life. 


The two factions the Angelous and the Daemons have been in constant disagreement since the start of creation. Even though their ideas and jobs differ, they are considered the king's favorite species. Given the task to take and guide new life, no such power rest in such creatures without heavy consequences. 


Given the power of Light and Sound, they follow a strict path of the right-hand side of their King. A race with white wings, they are considered a very intellectual race that brings the emotional aspect of life. They are given the task to guide the many species proliferating around the universe.


Given the power of Darkness and Void, they follow a strict path of the left-hand side of their King. A race with darkish brown wings that is close to black, they are considered a very intellectual race that brings the logical aspect of life. Given the task to move with cold calculations where the emotions would be considered unnecessary emotions at times. 

Other Species

Made from fire and smoke, they are considered wild, exciting, passionate, and powerful. The elemental power they reign supreme is Fire. They are the second creation after the Esqui Nuntis race that is written in the Book of Life. They are considered helpers to the Esqui Nuntis race, but they aren't bound to the same jobs as them. 


There has been many new species born right after the two major races. They are called Outsiders as they aren't born to live in the higher dimensions and instead live in the lower dimensions, which eventually ascended and was allowed to live in the planet Infinitas Infinitio.


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