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Second book of Song of Creation Series.

Hello everyone. I have been working on book two of the Song of Creation series. Book two is called Song of Creation: The Blue gem as it continues off where it left off in space. Right now its is in the final stage of editing, which I am truly excited for. Even the cover is being drawn by me right now, and I got the basic idea of how I want it done.

I'm super happy to be able to write a passion story that I had bottled up for so long. It's really relieving that I can tell you a story that has been cooking up in my heart for a long time.

I hope that you guys will walk with me on the journey of life in the Aurelius' world. Lessons that he must learn and grow from and even find the pair and love that he is looking for.

My goal is to get it ready for you guys on Feb. 22, 2021. I know is right around the corner, but I'm too excited to share the story with you that it's hard not to keep it contained. In total, there are about eight books to this series, which is quite a lot. There is a reason for such a long series as there are many important things that need to be told in his grand journey. Hopefully, you guys would enjoy the ride

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