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Monster In Us part II- Growth

Day II: I AM

“Everyone has a monster in themselves. Sometimes, we fight them every day and lose against them. But, what if you can win a few battles and slowly, over time, pull yourself out?”

The Last time I talked about it was “Everything and Anything is possible,” and it starts with a thought. The power of thought is energy stored in your mind. All that energy is waiting to be broken into existence. So whatever you believe will become your truth.

I asked you to think of the person you envision yourself to be on the last post.

Today, we will break it down a bit further.

As you figure out the type of characteristics of the person you envision, we will break it down and simplify the words into I am.

Why I am?

Simple, you’re changing the now. You have to be in the present to change the future. This is the law of manifestation. You’re not going to change tomorrow just because you said it. The mental game needs to start now. The moment you started to read this, you are changing; my words are shifting you and showing you a different perspective. It is up to you to take this with you and shift into your potential or throw it away. It’s all up to you. I am just a guide.

You can stop here and say this is all bullshit. That’s okay, but I told you. I can show you how to slay your monster one step at a time because I am on the same journey as you. Living, a step at a time, to the vision that I want to become.

If you are still curious, Let’s go on the adventure together.

The phrase I AM states “I” as a person “AM” bringing into existence of the now followed by what you want to become.

So, If I want to be Confident, I put the words into I am.

“I AM Confident.”

The simple sentence starts the process of it all. Don’t you feel a bit of vibrant energy behind it? I do.

Now, break down everything about the vision of the person you want to become and ask yourself, “Why” you want to become this person. What is it in your soul that is crying out? For what reason? Ask yourself the why’s, and the “I am” has even more energy.

Let me give you examples:

I am confident.

Ask yourself why do you want to be confident? I wanted to be confident to speak my voice and be that badass woman who can say and do the things I want to do. To walk in front of a large crowd and not shake and face my fears. Even putting up these posts is my voice and beliefs.

I am happy.

What makes you happy? Everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness. I am starting the journey of finding things to events to people, the mental mind space, experience, whatever you want that makes oneself truly happy.

I am standing up for myself.

What does it mean to you to stand up for yourself? To me, it means speaking my voice and being present. What you feel is what you feel and think; what I feel and my thoughts are my own. Point blank, period.

I am speaking my own voice.

What does it mean to speak up for my own voice? For me, this is very important to me. I have lived in silence kept my own thoughts because people laughed and stated my thoughts were insignificant to make their ego feel better. Enough is enough.

I am a woman with value and high standards.

What are my values and high standards? For me, understanding one’s value starts with one’s belief. No other belief, not the society’s belief, yours. Creating my own standards and respect that I believe in. Everything ties together.

I am an embodiment of love.

What does it mean to be an embodiment of love? What is love to me? Love has been a colorful experience from friendship, romance, strangers, children, animals, natures, and the universe through the journeys that I have taken.

I am a person who does not give up.

What defines the term giving up? Ask yourself, why does this matter? It matters, the whys are so important it fuels you into action.

There are many, many more out there, but the point is, what do you want to become? Your why’s behind these I Am is just as crucial as writing these I Ams out. There are all fuels to propel you forward.

So, take a moment to write down all your I am.

Fun Fact:

The statement “I AM” comes from the Hebrew verb “to be or to exist.” With this statement, God declared that He is self-existent, eternal, self-sufficient, self-directed, and unchanging. But this statement also declared that He is present.

So, take a moment to think what you are saying or thinking to yourself.

Anyways, let me continue to guide you to the next step in slaying your monster one step at a time! See you in the next post. Stay tuned!

– Snow

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