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Monster In Us NFT


Back you fiend! Excuse me sirs and madams. I was taking care of a few new rare collections that have arrived. But, unfortunately, they aren't quite tamed. Honestly, I would be a fool to believe that can be tamed.

Welcome to the lobby of Rare Monsters that are collected from specific humans from the dark recess of their souls. We have caught and caged such monsters in a picture. Each one that we show can be bought are rare collectibles. Each collection has its level of freedom. Depending on how dangerous they are, some might have sounds, movements, or frozen in place. I advise you to be wary.

The moment you obtain the cards are considered the picture is dangerous enough. To be even allowed for them to move and have sound...I shudder what they could do to you to escape!

Enjoy your stay and welcome to the Monster In Us Collection.


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