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Monster In Us IV- Time

“Everyone has a monster in themselves. Sometimes, we fight them every day and lose against them. But, what if you can win a few battles and slowly, over time, pull yourself out?”

Day IV: Time

From setting the vision of yourself, I am, supercharging it with your whys, and putting it into action, so today, we will be going over Time.

Why Time?

Well, we all know that Time is your biggest asset. Time is not replenishable, nor can you buy more of it. And the biggest kicker of it all is that Time is an illusion. There is no such thing as Time, but only the present moment consistently moving. Time is just a unit of measurement.

The person you are now is from the five years in the past. The person you want to become, you want to point it towards the direction you envision yourself to be.

"The only way to harness Time is to trade it with the future. This is how you capture Time." - Alux.

So, what is the best way to leverage one's Time for personal growth or leverage time to your ability?

The answer is quite simple.

Begin the day with silence and having a moment of deep thought, meaning take a moment of the day, preferably when you wake up, to set your intentions, goals, I am, and vision in place. Silence your phone, take yourself away from the world's noise, and listen to your inner thoughts.

Sometimes, adding calming nature music helps focus.

You will be slammed with noises from the outside world and your own phone throughout the day. From people's thoughts to social media to the news, all have human problems that bring chaos into your peaceful state of mind. It's learning how to divert, reflect, or quickly solve these problems to get into the state of mental peace that you want. To be able to solve these problems and returning back to clarity maximizes our potential. But half the time, we let our concerns over rule us. These slips of ten-minute silence allow you to focus on what and where you want to go, steering the ship the way you want it to go.

Most of the Time, we live with how the world pushes us around without a direction, but when you set yourself a direction, the world opens up to numerous possibilities, connecting you to people, opportunities, or even understanding yourself.

Every day you will be challenged, repeatedly, bringing with you opportunities to shape yourself to the vision of the person you want to become. Some you won't see it coming, others you will, which gives you many chances to shape your future.

When you reflect, you will pull out a small piece of darkness from yourself that you will have to face. To face the growing emotions and feelings to doubts and many more, but to change one must face our own insecurities and come to an resolutions so we can change.

So, what are you going to do today? How will you capture your Time? How will you challenge yourself to become better?

So far, if you have been taking the time to reflect, you have been directing your ship

towards the person you want to become. Supercharge and hone the direction you want to go, you carve your own path with your own thoughts and actions. Be the change and allow yourself full indept control of your emotions of the now.

See you guys, next time.


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