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Dealing with the Monster In Us

Everyone has a monster in themselves. Sometimes, we fight them every day and lose against them every single time. But, what if you can win a few battles and slowly, over time, pull yourself out?

I can show you one way.

It's going to be hard at first. Honestly, you will fail a lot. But, as long as you get back up and get into the ring, you will win.

There have been times when even I get beaten down and even stepped on to the point where my mental mind was bloodied and buried. The darkness has always been there, taming it and mastering it is just a step forward.

First thing you need to understand: "Everything and Anything is possible."

Meaning everything starts in your thought. Whatever you dream of creating in this life is possible. It's why we dream of it. How you think and what you think can create a springboard forward.

"To find yourself, you must create yourself. This is just the step towards happiness."

So, the first step is to envision the person you want to become. Then, you have to ask yourself, who is it that I imagine myself to be? What are all the genuine personal traits of a person I want to become?

Take a moment to think of this as this is very important. Everything starts here, and a mind is a powerful tool.

Get a paper and write it down.

Let me guide you to the next step in our next post. Stay tuned!

- Snow

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