The Vision

I have started Yami Hikari Entertainment because I wanted to help people through stories, artwork, manga, animation, and games to create a change in one's personal growth and bring out people's voices that they smother inside themselves. 

Mainly because I understand what's it like to smother one's voice to please the outside world, forgetting the value of oneself. I walk through this path to help bring out people's stories to better understand one's inner voice and creativity. 


There had been many obstacles during this point from writer blocks, not enough resources, and people, but that didn't stop me. 

I have worked with Exclusive Writes LLC with Tasha Renee on her children's book: Seafus The Seahorse. 

Monster In Us NFT is another big accomplishment in itself as it's a first major project as it talks about society's fears and beliefs in a short story format. The other purpose of the Monster In Us project is to bring

funds back into the company to continue to create quality content. 

Song of Creation is a personal story that has been on the back burner for over ten years, and eventually, 2 out of 8 parts of the story are written out and posted for sale.

I strive to bring excellence in art and stories moving forward and will continue to help bring out new and exciting stories that help you grow. 

Jane Christian aka Snow

I am an artist first as I have graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design for Game Art.

My interest lies in stories. This has been my silent dream of writing and drawing inspiring stories and artwork. 

My hobbies are riding a motorcycle,  doing martial arts, and eating! I love to try new foods!